Sponsor Wagtail features and enhancements


Join the likes of Mozilla, Google, Motley Fool and YouGov and sponsor enhancements to Wagtail.

Roll of honour

Enterprise workflow

A flexible approach to content workflow, ready for busy newsrooms and government websites. Funded by Motley Fool.

Translation and localisation

The best open source support multilingual sites we've seen. Sponsored by Google, DIT and Mozilla Foundation.

Built-in A/B testing

Support to run variants of the same page to improve user experiences and conversions, funded by Mozilla Foundation.

AMP web stories

Wagtail support for Google's "Stories" format that blend video, audio, images, animation and text to create a dynamic experience. Funded by Google.

Telepath - the next generation of Streamfield

The next evolution of StreamField and a foundation for auto-saving and collaborative editing. Part-funded by YouGov.

Import content from 3rd party sources

Automatically import page content into Wagtail from third-party sources like Google Docs and MS Word. Funded by Torchbox.


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  • The ultimate selling point for Wagtail is the strength and creativity of the team at Torchbox. While we have been able to see many cost savings in using open source software, leveraging the teams and knowledge at Torchbox has enabled the team to work at a much quicker pace and has built confidence within the group that we have support when and if we need it.

    Kate Statton Harman New York Public Radio, Senior Product Manager, Core Platforms & Experiences
  • If you commission open source, you directly support making it better. And once it’s better for you, then not only is it better for everyone else, but you also don’t have to keep paying to keep making it better. You also get your organization’s name out there, which can help you find great employees, and you build brand awareness and reputation in tech community.

    Tim White Principal New Ventures Technologist, Motley Fool