Open Doors UK

Brand awareness campaign delivers a 63% increase in donations

Here's how our brand awareness campaign delivered a 63% increase in donations for Open Doors UK

Chatham House

Email Marketing in the Time of COVID-19

Chatham House asked Torchbox to review, grow and evolve their email programme in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here's what we did and the results we delivered.


Immediate appeals: how ShelterBox plan for disaster

Torchbox work with ShelterBox on fundraising appeals, events recruitment, & promoting their Visitor Centre via digital marketing - here are our secrets to success.


Delivering volunteers for Girlguiding's InspireGirls campaign

As part of Girlguiding's InspireGirls campaign, Torchbox were asked to plan and run a 12-month programme of PPC activity to deliver volunteering signups — find out more about our approach.

Breast Cancer Now

Breast Cancer Now brand launch reaches 1.2 million people

When Breast Cancer Care and Breast Cancer Now merged, Torchbox were asked to help spread the message - here’s how we maximised the visibility of the new brand using digital marketing.


64% increase in donation income from Mind's Google Ad Grants activity

Mind's rebuilt and optimised Google Ad Grants account has achieved a 64% increase in donation income.


Samaritans’ Christmas 2019 Donation Appeal delivers £84K

The results of our 2018 campaign were impressive but this year we delivered a 154% increase in donations. Here’s how…

Breast Cancer Care

Afternoon Tea with Breast Cancer Care

A case study outlining the results Torchbox delivered for Breast Cancer Care's Afternoon Tea event through targeted social media and PPC ads.


PPC Campaign Delivers £33K for Samaritans’ Christmas Appeal

In December 2018, Torchbox implemented and ran a PPC campaign in support of Samaritans' Christmas Emergency Appeal. Find out more about our approach and the results we delivered.


Spotify Listeners Tune Into Samaritans' Big Listen Campaign

An audio campaign for Samaritans to promote The Big Listen 2018.

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