Wagtail developer support

Get the reassurance of having experienced Wagtail developers on hand for everything from expert consultancy to general support. Plus, all profits are reinvested back into the Wagtail project.

Expert consultancy from the creators of Wagtail

Our packages are designed to support organisations that have their own internal development teams. These teams might be new to Wagtail or be building something particularly complex.

We can help with things like:

  • Wagtail setup (including headless)
  • code reviews
  • clinics via video calls or pair programming
  • planning complex features
  • architectural approaches
  • hosting and tooling best practice

Packages for all budgets

We offer four options for support:

  • Basic (4 hours per month)
  • Business (10 hours per month)
  • Enterprise (20 hours per month)
  • Custom (more than 20 hours per month)

For all packages we’ll start by reviewing your plans together on a team call so we can understand how best to support you.

Once we’ve got you set up, you'll then be able to raise tickets or ask our Wagtail experts questions directly through a shared Slack channel. You can use your monthly time allocation however you like. This might include regular sessions, one-off meetings or more ad hoc requests. We’ll keep track of everything and let you know if you’re nearing your limit.

Supporting the Wagtail open source project

We reinvest all profits from our support service right back into Wagtail. So if you've ever had a question answered on the Wagtail Slack or Stack Overflow, you can thank our Wagtail support clients!

Want to find out more?

Will Heinemann New Business Director

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Torchbox has provided the Motley Fool with both excellent Wagtail consulting services by adding numerous new features to the product as well as providing support for issues with running Wagtail on sites with tens of thousands of articles and millions of monthly visitors.

Tim White Tech Director for The Ascent, The Motley Fool

The support service has been exactly what we wanted – available and responsive as needed. We're glad to know everything's in place for when questions come up that we aren't sure how to handle.

Andrew Bunker Senior Software Developer, Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University

Having Torchbox's expertise as an extension of our team has let us take on projects that we wouldn't have otherwise been able to complete.

Jessica Ingari Web Product Manager, Oxfam America

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