For the future of our planet

Reducing the human contribution to climate change is a fundamental part of Torchbox’s mission. Led by XR and others, we declare a climate emergency and will act accordingly:

We will not profit from climate destruction 

We do not work with fossil fuel companies or other high carbon industries and we will continue to screen our clients to ensure we are only working with organisations making a positive impact. We will publish an annual Client Disclosure Report.

We measure and report our carbon footprint

We will monitor our impact on the environment and we will report on our emissions annually. 

We will mitigate the carbon impact of our clients’ websites

We are concerned about the emissions resulting from digital technologies. We will seek to reduce the impact of the sites we build, setting targets and reporting against them. On behalf of our clients, we will attempt to offset* the emissions generated by the sites that we host.

We will reduce our impact

Our employee-led Climate Action Voice Group creates and leads initiatives to help us to reduce our impact on the environment and to live and operate more sustainably. They also lead on environmentally responsible procurement, reducing our consumption and waste.

We travel lightly

We prioritise efficient, low emission transport, encourage cycling to work, provide electric car charging in Charlbury and Cambridge, and we do not fly for business except where absolutely necessary.

We will offset* our annual emissions

As well as reducing our carbon footprint, we will also offset our annual emissions; starting with planting a Torchbox Grove with Trees for Life. We will plant one tree for every employee at Torchbox, each year.

We eat plants at work

When catering for Torchbox events, including Wednesday team lunches, we only serve healthy, plant-based food.

*We don’t think that offsetting is the answer, and we aren’t confident that a tree per employee is accurate compensation for our carbon footprint, but it’s a simple positive action that we can take now while we gather better data.

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