Our Voice Groups

Our Voice Groups drive the changes that matter to them. Whether that’s making our recruitment process more inclusive, helping us reach net zero or planning amazing social events, each group has the power to decide and the budget to make it happen.

We currently have five voice groups that align closely with our shared values. Co-owners can choose to join any of the groups they’re passionate about. They might even want to join a few of them, or start a new one!


The Wellbeing Voice Group focuses on embedding wellbeing into our culture and ensuring everyone feels supported, valued and cared for. They advocate for policies and initiatives that aim to improve our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing - both at work and by promoting a good work-life balance.

As part of their work they’ve created wellbeing spaces in our offices, sponsored team members to become mental health first aiders and rolled out tools like Headspace and SAD lamps for everyone who needs them. They also regularly arrange events and training to encourage us to stay active, take time out and stay on top of stress and anxiety.

Diversity and Inclusion

The Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Voice Group works to make Torchbox as inclusive as possible so that everyone feels empowered to be their authentic self. We want to build a collective responsibility for inclusivity. This means everyone is committed to ongoing learning and growth, so we can challenge biases and put inclusion at the heart of our actions and processes.

The D&I group has worked on improving our policies, arranging talks to promote understanding and setting up safe-space slack channels for LGBTQIA+ and neurodiverse communities.

Climate and Sustainability

The Climate and Sustainability Voice Group helps us ensure we are a sustainable organisation that fully considers our impact on the environment and how we can reduce this. The group’s vision is for us to lead our industry towards net zero. That means aiming to achieve zero carbon emissions as a business and helping other organisations to do this too.

Alongside this challenge, the group are also passionate about helping us as individuals become more climate conscious. They’ve introduced us to Giki Zero, led an incentive to switch to renewable energy at home and established our Sustainable Holiday Travel Time. This gives us all two extra days of holiday for travel if we choose to go by land or sea, instead of flying.


The Social Voice Group organise regular in-person and remote events to help bring us all together.

They work hard to help us nurture the supportive culture we’ve become known for and help us create a sense of belonging, no matter where in the world we’re based. Whether that’s in-person summer parties, whole agency ski trips, virtual quizzes or Zoom cookalongs, they’re always finding new ways to help us connect.

Community Action

The Community Action Voice Group encourages us to become active members of our communities by showing support for local charities and initiatives. Their aim is to help us deepen our community ties and nurture a culture of giving back.

As part of their work they support fellow co-owners on fundraising initiatives and help find local volunteering opportunities, so we can all make the most of our two paid Civic Days per year. They also run our yearly Torchbox charity auction, organise group challenges to raise money for our charities of the year and advise on company decisions that impact our local areas.

Photos from along the way

Here's a look at what we've been up to recently.

Digital Day
Torchbox team playing football
Bike ride
The beach clean team
The "provibers" gather around the marquee in a large circle