Sponsor a Nurse: Visual Impact for Breast Cancer Now

A strategy integrating engaging designs, precise audience targeting, and effective campaign staging led to a significant increase in regular donations, showcasing the success in leveraging digital platforms for impactful charity fundraising.

Breast Cancer Now

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Breast Cancer Now Nurse

Breast care nurses provide tailored information and specialist support to anyone affected by breast cancer or with queries about breast health

The outcomes

The background

For the past six years, we've worked with Breast Cancer Now on various fundraising projects, notably the record-setting Afternoon Tea campaign. Their Sponsor a Nurse initiative drives regular donations for nurses who offer specialised support and information to anyone affected by breast cancer through a helpline.

The objective

Communicating an important message

Regular gifts are one of the toughest asks for charities, especially given the cost of living crisis. So, we knew the campaign required a comprehensive plan, from asset design and engaging copy to ad implementation and management.

Our design objective was to convey that contributing means so much more than just funding a helpline. This is about creating a secure space where individuals impacted by breast cancer, along with their families, can confide in someone to ensure that they feel heard, seen, and valued. We also wanted to shine a light on the amazing helpline staff and the exceptional work they carry out.

Every campaign element, from designs to copy, aimed to communicate this important message.

Our approach

An end-to-end strategy

The campaign primarily ran on Meta, covering both Facebook and Instagram and was supplemented by text-based ads on Google. We split the campaign into three stages, with intervals in between to keep the content fresh and engaging. This strategy also enabled us to analyse results regularly and make necessary tweaks.

Unlike past campaigns, we didn’t restrict our audience based on age or gender. Instead, we identified new audiences with relevant interests and developed lookalike audiences from remarketing audiences which was highly effective.

International Nurse’s Day was also an opportune time for a further promotional push. We allocated more budget during this period and created specific copy and visuals aligned with this globally recognised national day. We used real imagery of the nurses to add authenticity and credibility to the creatives.

Helpline Nurse

Real imagery of one of the incredible helpline nurses

The branding for Breast Cancer Now is so expressive and the colour palette is really versatile, allowing for creative mixing and matching. The curved shapes are also great to play with and work into the text-based creatives.

Jeth Ordeniza UX Designer, Torchbox

Sponsor a Nurse ad creatives

A selection of creatives

The results

Surpassing target

We were thrilled to surpass our target, with an initial goal of 180 regular giving sign-ups and a final result of 228. Overall, the campaign produced results that we are incredibly proud to share, particularly as we had a 38% decrease in budget:

  • 54% increase in conversions
  • 60% decrease in CPA
  • 163% increase in conversion rate
  • 66% increase in CTR

Torchbox have been a delight to work with on this campaign, and have really put their all into it, which shows through the results. With great ideas and recommendations, they've made this successful campaign feel like a breeze.

Alice Sandom Direct Marketing Officer, Breast Cancer Now

Take a look at more of our design campaigns in the show reel below

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