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A Record-Setting Ramadan Marketing Campaign for Muslim Hands

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Muslim Hands is a faith-based charity, dedicated to serving the most vulnerable people across the world. They address core issues of poverty and empower communities by providing vital resources such as education, food, clean water, and healthcare.

Their Ramadan campaign is a significant part of their efforts and is an essential part of their annual fundraising. Following a successful Ramadan Marketing campaign last year, we were thrilled to collaborate on this year’s campaign with new and ambitious targets.

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Muslim Hands supports close to 11,000 orphans in 18 countries


Growth on the previous year's campaign, along with increased revenue and return on ad spend (ROAS), were the primary objectives for Muslim Hands.

They were also eager to coordinate with their other marketing efforts, which included TV ads and other strategies to achieve a well-coordinated campaign.


For this year’s Ramadan campaign, we deployed ads across Google and Microsoft Search and utilised Google's relatively new Performance Max campaign type, which was a new addition for Muslim Hands.

We ensured the targeting for these search platforms was specific, using highly-relevant keywords that resonate with followers of the Muslim faith. And since different terms become popular at various stages of the period, our strategy needed to be prompt, hyper-focused, and extremely adaptable.

The collaborative relationship with the team at Muslim Hands was crucial. With our combined expertise in digital marketing and their deep understanding of their community, we collaborated effectively to achieve the best possible outcomes.

But the campaign wasn’t without its challenges!

Working hand in hand with our account manager at Torchbox, we achieved remarkable milestones during our Record-Setting Ramadan Campaign. Their expertise in digital marketing and our profound understanding of our community meant that we were able to navigate the competitive landscape with agility and precision. Together, we deployed cutting-edge strategies and harnessed the power of Google and Microsoft Search platforms, reaching our target audience with impactful messaging.

Nawal El Makni, Digital Marketing Manager


The ad space during Ramadan becomes highly competitive, with both faith-based and secular organisations competing for the same keywords. This required us to regularly monitor the market and adjust our strategies based on current trends, such as fluctuating cost-per-click (CPC) rates.

In addition, Muslim Hands only began using smart bidding towards the end of the last year. Given the specific and complex nature of their audience, they had concerns that Google's automated system may not fully grasp the intricacies of their user behaviour. Despite this, we decided to test this and automate the entire process this year.


Building awareness is an essential part of the Ramadan activity for Muslim Hands. Previously, YouTube represented a large portion of this work, but in 2023 Performance Max was introduced. This campaign type, which includes YouTube placements, became a far more effective tool for running awareness and conversion activity concurrently.

Here’s a look at the incredible results for the campaign:

  • 13% less spend
  • +8% more donations
  • +37% ROAS
  • +19% revenue

Torchbox's collaborative approach and commitment to excellence ensured seamless coordination with our other marketing efforts, resulting in outstanding outcomes. We are grateful for the collaborative relationship we share with Torchbox, and their contributions played a pivotal role in our success. With their support, we were able to build awareness, drive engagement, and ultimately make a profound difference in the lives of those in need.

Nawal El Makni, Digital Marketing Manager
Author information: Travis Eyles , Digital Account Manager , Post information: , 2 min read ,
Related post categories: Digital Marketing , PPC ,