Wagtail CMS development

Big, beautiful Wagtail-powered websites and applications from Wagtail's founding developers.


Big, beautiful Wagtail-powered websites and applications from Wagtail's founding developers.

Will Heinemann

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Powerful personalisation

We've enabled our clients to deliver personalised experiences and improve conversions with Wagtail's A/B testing and personalisation capabilities.

Seamless integrations

We've simplified back-office processes by integrating Wagtail with CRMS, payment gateways, ticketing platforms, email systems and open data sources.

Beautiful longform

We've helped clients like Nesta and Global Witness easily and effectively create media-rich longform journalistic content using 100% Wagtail.

Multisite publishing

We've rationalised our clients digital portfolios (intranets, websites and events platforms) into one easy-to-maintain structure using Wagtail's multisite capability.

Implementing at scale

Got a big site? We’ve run enterprise-scale (+250k images, +200k articles) Wagtail platforms (without compromise in performance and simplicity).

"Headless" Wagtail!

We've enabled our clients to drive mobile apps, rich JavaScript front-ends and digital signage using Wagtail's built-in content API.


  • “We chose Torchbox and the Wagtail platform because we're currently underway with an exciting process of digital transformation here at Samaritans where all kinds of systems are coming together to ensure that our ways of working are future proofed, data driven and solutions focussed.”

    Katie Colombus Assistant Director, Digital, Brand & Engagement, Samaritans
  • "As we progress the transformation of NHS.UK, the content management system we use is a really important factor for our success. We looked at a number of CMS options over an extended period, and Wagtail was a good fit for our needs."

    Andy Callow Head of Technology Delivery, NHS.UK
  • "Torchbox is a top notch content agency that has developed the best CMS (Wagtail) I've worked with in my career, and I've been using content management systems for over 15 years. Being able to use the same firm for both our content wrangling and implementation needs has made the process incredibly smooth. I can not recommend them highly enough."

    Tim Allen IT Director, Wharton Business School
  • "Torchbox have provided an excellent service to the Royal College of Art. Over the three years we've worked with them, they have provided UX services, built and developed a brand new application for our main website and CMS (launched as the open-source Wagtail), maintained our ongoing website development, trained staff, built a standalone site for our most prominent fundraising project, and are currently building a new application for our intranet."

    Octavia Reeve Head of Content Strategy, Royal College of Art