Jemma Notley

Senior Digital Account Manager
Jemma Notley

I work with our clients to get the most out of their digital marketing budgets. Whether a client wants to reach new audiences, increase awareness, generate leads or drive more donations and revenue, I help them to find the most efficient strategies to meet their objectives.

I have worked with international charities such as Islamic Relief UK and Open Doors to expand their use of digital channels. By using a test and learn approach we have been able to identify new channels and audience targeting, along with insights to help inform future creative.

The beauty of digital marketing is in the data and I take a data driven approach to all plans and optimisations, getting a little geeky when it comes to analysing the results of a campaign. I get a kick out of using insights to continuously improve performance and drive better results and surpass our client’s goals. We're working with organisations that are changing the world and to play a small part in that is amazing!

I also like to keep on top of new opportunities and trends in the digital world. It's an ever evolving landscape which can open up huge potential for our clients.

I am happiest walking up a hill with my two dogs near my home in the Peak District. I also love travelling and exploring new parts of the world, trying different foods and learning about different cultures.