Wagtail CMS Development

Enterprise-scale Wagtail-powered websites and applications from Wagtail’s founding developers.

Wagtail: The open source CMS taking the world by storm

Wagtail has risen to become one of the most popular and actively developed open source CMS in the world. Built on the powerful Django framework, the flexible and scalable platform has been rapidly adopted by an impressive list of organisations around the globe, including:

  • Google
  • NASA
  • NHS logo greyscale
  • RCA
  • Oxfam
  • MIT logo
  • Macmillan logo
  • New Zealand Red Cross
As we progress the transformation of NHS.UK, the content management system we use is a really important factor for our success. We looked at a number of CMS options over an extended period, and Wagtail was a good fit for our needs. One thing we particularly liked was the vibrant and responsive open source community and we look forward to making our contributions to that.
Andy Callow, Head of Technology Delivery, NHS.UK

We’re the biggest Wagtail team in Europe

Despite an ever growing international pool of agencies (from boutiques to +250 staff agencies) implementing Wagtail-powered solutions, we still maintain the largest in-house team of Wagtail experts - including the original core development team. We provide a full suite of related specialist services:
  • Implementation & technical consultancy
  • Bespoke application development
  • 3rd party systems integration
  • Automated migration
  • Ongoing support & maintenance
  • Managed & cloud hosting
"Torchbox is a top notch content agency that has developed the best CMS (Wagtail) I've worked with in my career, and I've been using content management systems for over 15 years. Being able to use the same firm for both our content wrangling and implementation needs has made the process incredibly smooth. I can not recommend them highly enough."
Tim Allen, IT Director, Wharton Business School

Our Wagtail experience

In 2017 alone, eight leading organisations in the nonprofit, public & higher education sectors, both nationally and internationally, have appointed Torchbox to rebuild their websites on Wagtail.

Supporting NHS Digital
We’re the NHS Digital’s technical implementation partner. We’re supporting the NHS with the rollout of Wagtail across, a site that will handle about 45m uniques per month. We’re also delivering Wagtail powered sites and intranets for the Department of Health, an NHS Authority and an NHS Foundation Trust.
3rd party integrations
We’ve integrated Wagtail with most major CRM systems, including Salesforce, Toptix, MS Dynamics,, and Online Express (donations form processing for The Raiser’s Edge). We’ve also integrated with all the major payment fulfilment systems including SagePay, Stripe, Worldpay, GoCardless and PayPal.
Integrated personalisation
For the international NGO Girl Effect, we’ve delivered built-in audience segmentation and content personalisation on a mobile Wagtail platform. We’ve also developed an A/B testing framework for Wagtail. These are powerful features, that until now, have been the preserve of closed-source enterprise CMS products with five or six figure annual licence fees.
Longform templates
We’ve enabled our clients to easily and effectively create media-rich longform journalistic content, replicating the ‘long read’ experience offered by tools like Shorthand - but fully integrated into, and manageable from their Wagtail platform. Our long-term client Global Witness have just published their first photo essay called “Cursed Treasure” on Wagtail's longform feature.
Web Pages_Web Page_Wirefame_Pages_Skech Web Page_ Design wireframe
Multisite publishing
We’ve implemented Wagtail to run multiple sites on a single CMS installation, allowing for straightforward multisite publishing. In doing so, we’ve been able to rationalise our clients digital portfolio into one easy-to-maintain structure, providing for a simple model to create individual sites that have their own independent sets of page types and templates.
Implementing at scale
We’ve implemented Wagtail at enterprise-scale without compromise in terms of performance and simplicity for the user. In doing so, we’ve worked at the cutting edge of CDN integration, on Wagtail-powered sites with +250k images and +200k articles with an ever increasing volume of global traffic (5m page views per month).
"Torchbox have provided an excellent service to the Royal College of Art. Over the three years we've worked with them, they have provided UX services, built and developed a brand new application for our main website and CMS (launched as the open-source Wagtail), maintained our ongoing website development, trained staff, built a standalone site for our most prominent fundraising project, and are currently building a new application for our intranet."
Octavia Reeve, Senior Publishing Manager, Royal College of Art

Meet our senior Wagtail development team:

As Wagtail’s founding developers, we attract the best minds in the industry from all over Europe to develop Wagtail-powered sites and applications. Our large Wagtail projects are led by:

Matthew Westcott

Senior Developer

Matthew joined Torchbox straight out of uni in 2002. Along the way Matthew has gained extensive experience with the workings of content-managed websites, and now leads the core development of Wagtail, the leading Django-based open-source CMS.

Karl Hobley

Karl Hobley

Python Developer

Karl’s been making websites powered by Python and Django since 2011. Since joining Torchbox in 2013, Karl has worked on developing the Wagtail CMS (notably the search and REST API modules) and implementing Wagtail-based sites for our clients.

Tom Dyson

Tom Dyson

Technical Director

Tom is the co-founder of Torchbox and provides leadership to our team of software engineers and web developers. He ensures our technical approach, solution design and architectural decisions are robust and scalable.

Mikalai Radchuk

Mikalai Radchuk

Python Developer

Mikalai has been coding websites since he was 16. With more than 10 years experience in frontend and backend development, Mikalai works with our clients to build robust and scalable Wagtail websites.