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Wagtail Support: Expert Guidance and Assistance for Your Wagtail Projects

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Wagtail CMS has become increasingly popular among developers and organisations due to its flexibility, ease of use, and powerful features. However, developing and maintaining a Wagtail-based website or application can sometimes be challenging, especially for teams new to Python, Django, or Wagtail.

This is where Wagtail Support comes in - a service we offer to provide developers with expert guidance and assistance for their Wagtail projects.

I spoke to one of our Wagtail developers to give you an insight into what we do.

What is Wagtail Support?

Wagtail Support provides you with access to a team of the creators and maintainers of Wagtail CMS, as well as over 40 experienced developers who have helped out the likes of NASA, Motley Fool, YouGov and Oxfam.

We work with our clients’ in-house developers to share our experience solving similar challenges and problems with our other clients to help figure out the best way forward. The scope of the support ranges from answering quick questions and supporting code review, to months-long staff augmentation.

You can request support over Slack or our online ticket management system, and our support team can help you, from customisations to the Wagtail admin interface, or Wagtail upgrades, through to migration from other CMSs.

How does it work?

You can join us on a monthly rolling subscription which gives you the flexibility to use our services for the duration of a project you are working on, or as a back-up support system for a longer period of time. Depending on the tier you select, you are in control of how many hours of support you receive per month. Sometimes, we even like your ideas and suggestions so much that we incorporate them into core Wagtail, making features or functionality available for the whole community via our next Wagtail release.

Things you may already be benefitting from include rich text tables from YouGov and the redesign of the admin interface seen in Wagtail 4 and sponsored by Google. Even if you aren’t using all of your hours every month, your unused hours are re-invested into improving Wagtail for the whole community.

What types of questions do we answer most?

We receive a variety of questions, but the most common topics include troubleshooting errors, providing best practice examples, guidance on project migrations, and Wagtail upgrades. We can assist you in avoiding costly architectural mistakes in the early stages of your project.

If you plan on building a multilingual website with Wagtail Localize or are considering a headless approach, we can help you determine the best strategy for your needs. We offer expertise in evaluating whether multi-instance, multi-site, or multi-tenancy is the most effective approach for your project, and ensure that you are building in best practices from the outset.

Our team is committed to providing our clients with knowledgeable advice and guidance on these subjects. Our objective is to enable you to develop and manage your own Wagtail projects with confidence.

What are the most challenging things we have solved?

Providing support for issues on the boundary of Wagtail’s functionality, such as organisation-specific customisations, can be challenging. We worked with The Motley Fool to create some awesome workflows in their Wagtail admin to automatically pay authors for their articles once published. With access to a team of over 40 developers with a ton of experience in building large and complex Wagtail sites, our combined experience means that we can solve almost any gnarly challenge that you have to throw at us!

Who would we recommend Wagtail Support for?

Wagtail Support is an invaluable service for developers and organisations who are looking to leverage the power and flexibility of Wagtail CMS. Whether you are new to Wagtail, or an experienced team looking for specialised support, our Wagtail Support service can help you achieve your goals and get the most out of your CMS.

Torchbox has provided Motley Fool with both excellent Wagtail consulting services by adding numerous new features to the product as well as providing support for issues with running Wagtail on sites with tens of thousands of articles and millions of monthly visitors.

Tim White Engineering Manager, Motley Fool

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