Phil McMinn

Director of Digital Marketing

As the Director of Digital Marketing at Torchbox, I set the vision and strategic direction for our digital marketing offering. It is my responsibility to ensure the different strands of work we offer to charities add up to a coherent, impact-driven programme of digital marketing.

I've worked with everyone from NHS Digital, Great Ormond Street Hospital, Wharton Interactive and Breast Cancer Now over the last eight years. I take pride in having in-depth knowledge of the mechanics of each of the platforms we operate on, which allows me to talk to stakeholders at all levels within organisations—doers, strategists and senior leaders alike.

The breadth of experience I've gained from nearly a decade working exclusively in nonprofit marketing means it's rare for me to hear about a challenge I've not helped another organisation tackle before. That’s why it’s my role to deliver transformational strategy and training to some of the biggest and most prestigious nonprofits and charities.

I spent ten years before joining Torchbox in an artistic and creative role, navigating the music industry. I learnt fundamental things about connection, crowds, inspiration, volume, the inherent mass appeal of the chorus and how to give an audience exactly what it came for, while pushing at what they might not know they needed or wanted. These qualities are what my work at Torchbox is built on.