Tomasz Knapik

Senior Developer
Tomasz Knapik

I build applications that add maximum value to a client and help them achieve their strategic organisational goals.

As a lead developer I’ve worked on projects such as rebuilding the Oxfam GB website, helping to ensure their content is delivered in the best possible way and working with Samaritans to build volunteering application forms to provide a smooth experience. I've also worked with the World Food Programme to build an Android application for farmers in Zambia to trade their crops.

I have expertise building CMS, bespoke applications and dynamic web interfaces using Wagtail, Django and React. I often integrate with widely used third-party web APIs such as Salesforce and Braintree, as well as custom APIs that clients have on their existing platforms. I go over and above to ensure clients can use their preferred hosting platform such as Azure and help them choose the best services to support their needs.

I am passionate about finding the simplest solution to achieve the best outcome for the client while not compromising on quality or technical excellence.

In my spare time I do street photography, run and swim. I also like a good moka pot.