Dan Braghis

Principal Engineer and Wagtail Consultant
Dan Braghis

I am a principal engineer and Wagtail core member. I oversee complex client projects to help achieve the highest standards and help with the direction of the open source Wagtail CMS project.

I have worked with a variety of clients such as Great Ormond Street Hospital, NASA JPL, Oxford University and Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, using different technologies and integrations that were most suitable for the particular client requirements and goals.

Part of my role is to look at the bigger picture, create a clear plan for the team and maintain a bridge between clients and developers, as well as explore ways we can improve our processes, deliver excellent products and share knowledge.

Speaking of knowledge, I am a firm believer that all knowledge must be shared and I have made it one of my goals to help the team in this way, whether that be through creating or updating documentation or just generally sharing useful resources and experience.

Outside of work, I am a keen sci-fi fan and aspiring cyclist.