Anna Grieve

Senior Delivery Manager

As a Senior Delivery Manager at Torchbox, I’m responsible for using the Agile framework to deliver some of our most complex projects. I facilitate sprint meetings, making sure everything happens when it should, and ensuring that projects launch on time and achieve our client’s goals.

My projects with Torchbox include Wharton Interactive, building an e-learning portal from initial ideas to MVP launch in 12 months, and the Sue Ryder Grief Guide. Previously, I worked on projects with Oxfam, Lloyds Banking Group and the International Olympic Committee.

I’ve worked in digital for over 15 years and I’m passionate about helping cross-functional teams achieve their best work through collaboration and reflection.

When I’m not at work, I enjoy pottering about in the garden and yoga. Through our Torchbox Wellbeing voice group, I’m an advocate for bringing mindfulness into the workplace. I also love to travel and spent three months living in an Indian village helping build eco-toilets.