Ben Enright

Principal Interaction Designer
Ben Enright

I help people have a great time using digital interfaces.

I've been solving design challenges for charities and nonprofits for over 15 years. I spearheaded the Torchbox Bristol wing in 2013 having joined originally in 2004, and it's been lovely to see it grow beyond 30 people.

I have designed websites for the likes of Oxfam GB, NASA JPL, University of Oxford, Museum of London & California College of Arts.

I did the original design for Wagtail CMS, and continue to play a lead role improving the experience of it's ever-evolving UI.

I love prototyping in code to explore the interactive and fluid nature of digital products.

Outside of work I'm passionate about food, and few things get me more excited than cooking a chilli. I also enjoy mixing Drum n Bass, brewing beer (preferably with my brother and dad) and curry-offs with pals.