Amanda Lim - Cabuloy


I help clients build and maintain their websites, by wielding both frontend and backend "hammers". I make their designs a reality and as accessible as I can with the frontend work; and in the backend I build features that help with their processes. Often this means integrating with CRMs or payment gateway systems.

I implemented the page designs for Action for Children and have worked with Nesta and Buckinghamshire County Council (BCC) to improve accessibility.

The work I have done for M+ involved creating a purely backend API, which also required integration with many other systems like First Data, AMEX, SISTIC and Salesforce. This has been a helpful learning curve for future integrations.

My interest in the Internet started from a young age, when the Internet was young itself! I discovered how to design and build simple websites. From that moment on I knew I wanted to create websites as my career – but not just any old websites - I wanted to build beautiful and useful websites, ones with purpose. And what better purpose than to help non-for-profit organizations?

In my spare time I enjoy reading light novels and mangas, sipping a good mug of hot chocolate, and delving into Harry Potter fanfiction. I also enjoy watching others play horror games (because I can't), and playing video games like Final Fantasy.