Pay-per-click management for charities and non-profits.

Torchbox offer PPC management for the world's leading charities, nonprofits and higher education organisations. Whether you’re looking to increase donations, drive event signups or raise your charity’s profile, we’re experts at delivering the results that matter to you.

PPC Management

At Torchbox we specialise in creating PPC strategies for charities across all search engines. We can manage your accounts for you and ensure that your budget is utilised to maximise impact.


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Google Ads

Google Ads campaigns help charities quickly drive organisational objectives and raise brand awareness, giving you visibility at the exact moment your audience is looking for you. Whether it's advertising on the Search, Display or YouTube network, our team of qualified Google Ads experts will put together a plan that suits your objectives and, importantly, your budget.

Google Ad Grants Management

We have over 10 years’ experience building and optimising Google Ad Grants for some of the very biggest charities. We manage over 30 accounts for charities big and small including Samaritans, Mozilla, Great Ormond Street Hospital and many others. For more information about our approach and how we can help your charity get the most out of your available budget, please visit our Google Ad Grants management page.

Microsoft (Bing) ads

Microsoft Ads offer charities a secret weapon: low CPCs, high conversion rates and typically better quality traffic than Google. Throw in the ability to remarket to previously engaged users and it’s a channel no charity should be without.

Display & programmatic advertising

For campaigns focused on reaching audiences earlier in their journey to conversion, display and programmatic (banner) ads are perfect. Whether you want to reach finely targeted groups, have ads feature on specific sites or retarget previous visitors with image and video ads, our Display & Video 360 (DV360) managed campaigns will help you get found. And we offer a cost-effective ad creation package too.

Spotify advertising

Audio advertising offers you an unparalleled way of talking to users who are in a unique, personal space. With 100% listen-through rates, low “cost-per-listens” and a self-serve platform that’s quick and intuitive to work with, Spotify advertising give organisations a way of talking to audiences unlike any other platform. Read more about our work supporting Samaritans’ The Big Listen campaign on Spotify.

YouTube preroll

Video ads are a great way to build and maintain brand presence at a super-low cost. We typically see cost-per-clicks (CPCs) of just a few pence for our campaigns. Combined with a well-defined retargeting strategy, it can serve as the bedrock of a digital marketing strategy aimed at building awareness and keeping your organisation front and centre in the minds of your key audiences.


Reaching audiences who have already interacted with your website is a great way of focusing budget and effort on users who are already predisposed to deliver results. We’ll build remarketing audiences to give you the flexibility to show ads to people at exactly the right moment: from users who donated in the last 30 days, to people who watched your YouTube content yesterday.

PPC training

Skilling up the digital team is vital to any organisation’s long term digital future. Our PPC training days are tailored to your organisation and your accounts. Mixing teaching with hands-on practice to build your confidence working on live campaigns, we have a PPC training programme to match your needs: from setting your account up, to enhanced reporting and optimisation techniques, we’ll put together an agenda that suits your team.


  • We're so pleased to be working with Torchbox who have been so committed and operate as a genuine extension of our team. Their expertise has ensured maximised returns from our digital campaign during this special moment of generosity from the UK public.

    Simon Beresford Director of Fundraising and Marketing at the DEC
  • Torchbox have been a delight to work with on this campaign, and have really put their all into it, which shows through the results. With great ideas and recommendations, they've made this successful campaign feel like a breeze.

    Alice Sandom Direct Marketing Officer at Breast Cancer Now
  • Working hand in hand with our account manager at Torchbox, we achieved remarkable milestones during our Record-Setting Ramadan Campaign. Their expertise in digital marketing and our profound understanding of our community meant that we were able to navigate the competitive landscape with agility and precision. Together, we deployed cutting-edge strategies and harnessed the power of Google and Microsoft Search platforms, reaching our target audience with impactful messaging.

    Nawal El Makni Digital Marketing Manager at Muslim Hands
  • We're thrilled with how Afternoon Tea performed last year. Testing new approaches is really important given the changes we're seeing on Facebook and with tracking, and it's great that we could reach above our targets whilst exploring new strategies and platforms to set up nicely for next year.

    Mairead Brodie Mass Participation Marketing Manager