Google Ad Grants Management

The Google for Nonprofits programme is something we’re huge advocates of—as part of the programme, charities and NGOs are entitled to a Google Ad Grants account, which provides $10,000 every month of free advertising spend on Google’s Search Network. For most charities and nonprofits this is a vital source of traffic that can be turned on and off when required. Specialised Google Ad Grants management can help charities and NGOs maximise their free search advertising budget to reach more people and gain more donations.

Our approach

Google Ad Grants account setup and build

Getting started with Google Ad Grants can sometimes be frustrating. We’ll get you registered on the programme, and we’ll build (or rebuild) your account to ensure it’s compliant with Google’s policies and eligibility criteria.

Ongoing Google Ad Grants management

Finding the time to manage and optimise a Google Ad Grants account can be hard, even if you’ve got the necessary skills and understanding in-house. Torchbox will provide you with full monthly account management, covering: keyword and bid optimisation, ad copy creation, bid strategy experiments, script creation for task automation, reporting and more.

Conversion tracking

Meaningful conversion tracking is now a necessary step in ensuring your account stays compliant. We’ll help you define what success looks like for your Google Ad Grants account, and we’ll ensure the necessary conversions are imported into your account to give you granular insight into those high value keywords and ad creatives that matter the most.

Google Ad Grants training

We have extensive experience delivering bespoke Google Ad Grants training sessions to charities and nonprofits. Our hands-on training days are tailored specifically to your organisation, centred around your account, and suitable for users of all levels.


  • Torchbox have been a great help to us since they took on our PPC account. Not only did they rebuild our Google Ad Grants account from scratch into a new, more intuitive structure, but they’re really proactive and regularly suggest new, evidence-based keywords and ads based on what our users are looking for. They respond quickly when we have questions and are able to explain reporting clearly and concisely, which is a great help to us too

    Mike Keating Head of Digital, Samaritans