Torchbox's core organisational values

Torchbox’s values have been around since day dot. When Tom Dyson and Olly Willans started the business the premise was to make websites for people who make the world a better place.

Enjoy it.jpeg

Enjoy it

Half our waking hours are at work, so we make the most of them. We are positive, supportive, and honest.

Own it.jpeg

Own it!

We care for each other, our environment and the success of our business. We act like the business owners we are.

Make the world better.jpeg

Make the world better

This is a big part of who we are. It’s in the clients we choose to work with, the open source software we build, and our footprint as a company.

Care like you’re the client.jpeg

Care like you're the client

We strive to create lasting value and impact with our clients. We work openly, as partners, always asking ourselves how we can make things better.

Always learning.jpeg

Always learning

We continually grow our ability to make an impact, through innovation, learning, and improving our processes. We give, receive and act on feedback enthusiastically.