Ashley Burgess

Digital Marketing Executive

Twitter relaxes 140 character limit

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Good news Tweeters! It’s now possible to add images, photos, videos gifs, polls and quotes to your tweets without affecting the 140 character limit.

First announced by Twitter in May, the relaxed character limit is designed to give users more freedom to compose longer posts.

There has been a lot of controversy around Twitter’s infamous 140 character limit lately. Earlier this year, Twitter announced that it would be increasing the character limit to 10,000 characters. This news was not welcomed by Twitter users, with many turning to the social media platform to air their concerns.

Following the backlash from it’s users, Twitter decided not to roll out this change. Instead, it announced a new one, one which would stay true to the 140 character limit and give users more freedom to include media within their posts. This is the change that we see today: the relaxed 140 character limit.

It's good to see that Twitter has learnt to compromise with its users; keeping the character limit which has made the platform so popular, whilst providing users with creative freedom to include media within their posts.

I personally think this change is hugely positive and will improve user experience. Time will only tell though. Until then, happy tweeting everyone!