Our Voices, Actions, and Plans in 2022

Author information: Alex Bridge , Senior Developer , Post information: 29 Jun 2022 , 2 min read ,
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Our voice groups make it possible for us to build a culture around respect and shared values. They provide the power to shape our company, supporting and representing the interests of the whole team 🤍

Over the past year, our voice groups have continued to evolve, providing a place where we can share information and ideas and connect over content and topics we find interesting. They've become mini-communities of interest, helping to generate new knowledge and ideas.

We also now have a voice group trustee - previously me but now handing over the reins to Lisa. It has been a privilege to see the activity up close and the drive everybody has to continue making Torchbox such a fantastic place to work.

Included below are some of the highlights of what each group has been up to.

Torchbox Trek

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I)

Previously part of the Civic Engagement and Diversity group, it quickly became apparent that each topic needed its own group.

The D&I group is on a mission to challenge biases, put inclusion at the heart of our processes and decision-making, and promote a culture where everyone at Torchbox feels supported in meeting their full potential.

They’ve been improving our policies, organising workshops, creating new wellbeing rooms, and carrying out a company-wide diversity and inclusion survey. Generally finding ways to make sure Torchbox is as inclusive as possible.

Read more on our Diversity and Inclusion policy.

Climate & Sustainability

This group is passionate about helping us to become a truly sustainable business by driving change around sustainability in our work and personal lives.

Some of their recent activities include launching Giki Zero - a carbon footprint and behaviour change platform, encouraging everyone to take part in green initiatives such as Plastic Free July, Veganuary, and Zero Waste Week, and implementing an unlimited budget for the UK cycle-to-work scheme.

Read more on our Sustainability commitments.


This group focuses on embedding wellbeing into our culture through regular events, practical support, training, awareness, and process changes.

They look at ways to improve the overall physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of employees, both at work and by promoting a good work-life balance. They’re a caring bunch, working on behalf of all of us, listening to our needs and wants, and advocating for improvements that have employee wellbeing at its heart.

Recent initiatives include renewing our company Headspace subscription, working with the Diversity group to create Wellbeing rooms in our Bristol and Charlbury offices for prayer, meditation, and quiet time, sponsoring three employees to become Mental Health Workplace First Responders with St John Ambulance, and conducting a staff survey on context switching.

wellbeing room torchbox

Civic Engagement

Our Civic Engagement Group encourages and supports us to be active members of our communities. They raise awareness of volunteering opportunities, advising and supporting company decisions that impact our local areas. They help ensure that our actions are inclusive of disadvantaged communities and align with our core values.

Some of the actions they’ve taken include partnering with the Climate group for our big beach clean with Marine Conservation Society, donating over £5,000 to charities, partnering with onHand to help support our local communities, and building sleep pods to provide safe warm spaces for homeless people across Bristol.

Paul Bradley Sleep Pod

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Author information: Alex Bridge , Senior Developer , Post information: 29 Jun 2022 , 2 min read ,
Related post categories: Culture ,