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Join me at this year’s BrightonSEO!

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This Thursday, we see the return of the world’s biggest search conference, BrightonSEO with a jam-packed schedule across two days including workshops, training, and talks. I’m thrilled to take to the stage once again at this brilliant beachfront event!

Jess presenting at BrightonSEO

A recent BrightonSEO talk with SEO Consultant, Jess

BrightonSEO is a standout in the calendar of SEO events, bringing together a global community to nerd out on all the stuff we love… like page speed. The topic of my talk at this year’s conference!

Page speed is linked to conversions across the SEO industry and proven by many studies. The faster your page loads, the more likely users are to convert and the less likely they are to abandon your site.

Whilst this is true in a commercial sense, things look a little different within the nonprofit sector where the goal of a website is to spread awareness of a cause or access to a service rather than selling an item or aiming to get customers.

During my talk, I’ll discuss the importance of page speed with a fresh look and an original spin that doesn’t just focus on conversions, hence the title: Why page speed matters… WITHOUT mentioning conversions once. Here’s a little snippet of the points I’ll cover and the benefits of improved page speed:

Reduce your carbon footprint

It’s proven that the faster your site loads, the lower your carbon footprint. In fact, with annual CO2 emissions of 1,596 million tonnes, if the internet were a country, it would be the fifth most polluting!

Improve accessibility

For some users, accessing the internet is fairly simple, particularly with a high-spec device on a fibre or 4G connection. But for the many people who don’t have these luxuries, a slow loading site is even more laborious.

These people might be the most in need of support from charities, such as a person experiencing homelessness who may be using a slow public wi-fi connection, but requires prompt access to resources at a crucial moment in time. Improving site speed makes information available to a larger audience.

Reduce costs

Despite being relatively cheap to access the internet in the UK, in many developing countries, access to the internet can be expensive.

A slow page speed increases the number of megabytes that need to be downloaded and, in turn, increases the cost. By comparison, a fast-loading site costs users less, which is particularly important to vulnerable users and those seeking important information and resources.

During my talk I’ll share nine tips to take away and action., I hope you can join us this Thursday and Friday! We’ll also be doing a live Torchbox Twitter takeover, with updates throughout the day.