SEO Super Trumps | Charity Benchmark Analysis

Lisa Ballam

Head of Marketing 9 Dec 2021 1 min read

Our digital marketing team has gathered the SEO data of over 50 charity websites, across eight sub-sectors, to provide a benchmark of organic SEO performance across the not-for-profit space.

We’ve measured success against six SEO metrics, including technical health, backlink profile, and content. For a bit of fun, we’ve presented this data as a card game, allowing you to “play” your nonprofit against other charities operating in a similar space.

We launched the SEO Super Trumps website at a live webinar, as well as hosting a panel discussion with Sightsavers, Oxfam, and NHS Digital on topics such as:

  • Who should own SEO
  • How to ensure SEO delivers against organisational objectives
  • Striking a balance with content for SEO and content for users onsite
  • Banishing some of the misconceptions around SEO in the nonprofit sector

You can watch the discussion back and take a look around the SEO Super Trumps microsite!

We’re always keen to hear your feedback, comments and questions [email protected]

Lisa Ballam

Head of Marketing 9 Dec 2021 1 min read

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