Wagtail CMS powered by the GOV.UK Design System

Bake-in best practice with GOV.UK's robust, accessible components. Accelerate your project with best-in-class Wagtail building blocks, ready to extend to meet your specific needs.


A solid, tested starter kit to onboard you to Wagtail, ensure the best approach for your project and benefit from GOV.UK's robust, accessible Design System.

Will Heinemann

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What's included?

GOV.UK's accessible components

All the components in the GOV.UK Design System has been tested against common assistive technologies and all meet level AA of the WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards making it a great starting point for accessible websites.

Ready for your brand personality

Using the GOV.UK Design System as your design foundation does not mean your new site has to look like GOV.UK! It's easy to update the style to match your brand, as we did for RNIB's new site: rnib.org.uk

Key page types

Pre-built page models for homepage, index (or listing) pages, news, events, person/people pages, forms and 404/401 pages will give your project a foundation of best practice to work from.

Fast, predictive search

Supporting full-text search behaviour including stemming, ranking, fuzzy search for misspelling, and promoted search results.

Flexible Streamfields templates

A flexible content editing model where the text can be interspersed with subheadings, images, pull quotes and video.

Other Design Systems

Working in the health space or based in the US? No worries, we've built big Wagtail sites powered by the NHS Digital Design System and the USWDS: The United States Web Design System.