Thibaud Colas

Senior Developer and Wagtail Consultant
Thibaud Colas

I’m an experienced lead developer, open source technologist, and member of the Wagtail core team. Outside of work, I’m also a Director of the Django Software Foundation.

I work at the intersection of content management and design systems for clients like Tate, the University of Pennsylvania, and NASA JPL. Before joining Torchbox, I worked as a software architect and technical director focused on front end development, doing CMS sites and web apps for clients in Finland and New Zealand.

Within Torchbox I’m a Web Accessibility Specialist, with a particular interest in working with clients who aim far beyond legal compliance.

I also have an interest in InfoSec / cyber security, with experience on both the reporting and receiving end of security vulnerabilities.

You can test my inner nerd by asking about the energy efficiency of different website architectures. Outside of work my favourite TV show is The Wire and I love to bake macaroons. I enjoy finding new cheeses to try and my favourite sumo wrestler is Harumafuji.