Steven Steinwand

Front-End Developer

I bring web designs to life with the magic of front-end code for clients to achieve their web goals and for users to enjoy.

Based in Canada, I started working in the web industry as a freelancer around the age of 16, helping friends and family build out their companies’ websites. After completing my diploma from the Northern Institute of Technology in Alberta, Canada, I honed my skills using PHP, Python, HTML, Css and Javascript at a couple of different agencies. This exposed me to a variety of projects where I have been able to grow my skill set.

I have a strong attention to detail when it comes to app design and user experience. When working on products I'm always striving to make them the best experience they can be.

I am passionate about making products that people can use to make things easier, help other people, bring their vision to life, and grow innovative ideas.

I enjoy playing guitar, photography of people and places, and in the summer I grow a vegetable garden. I also love spending my time traveling as much as possible.