Samantha Tarring

Delivery Manager

My role is to ensure all facets of a project run smoothly and I’m the day to day contact for clients on their projects. My typical week includes facilitating meetings, budget and forecast tracking, sprint planning and removing blockers.

I’m an advocate of agile ways of working and like to cherry pick from the different methodologies to create an environment for the teams I work with to flourish.

Having worked in digital projects for almost 10 years, I can hand-on-heart say I love what I do. In project work, you are working towards improving something, building relationships with the people around you on that journey, and getting a sense of achievement when the product is out into the world for people to use. The bonus at Torchbox is that we are giving back to the world by making positive change with the nonprofit organisations we work with.

I am a mum of two boys, Teddy and Alfie, I enjoy seeing my friends and family when I can and make sure to bake them sweet treats when I do, namely flap jacks, cakes and cookies. I’ve got a crafty, creative side and I’m part of an only-slightly-boozy book club.