Paul Vetch

Client Services Director

Paul joined Torchbox in 2014 from a former life as a consultant and academic at King's College London's internationally renowned Department of Digital Humanities. That's where he met Wagtail. Needless to say, it was love at first site.  

As Client Services Director, Paul heads up our Account Direction and Project Management teams, and works to ensure that we deliver a consistently high level of service and value.  He also leads on strategy and solutions architecture for some of our larger clients.

At KCL, Paul headed up a large R&D team designing and building complex custom web applications. Together with a deep understanding of the Higher Education sector in the UK and beyond, Paul brings extensive experience working as a consultant to, and collaborator with, many arts and cultural heritage organisations - including Tate, the South Bank Centre, and the Royal Opera House. In days gone by, Paul also ran his own digital agency for over ten years.  

When not working, Paul has been known to play the harp - but given that he is currently without a harp, this is a tricky pastime to maintain. Fortunately, he also likes to pretend he is Simon Hopkinson in the kitchen; and he is prone to become quite ill-tempered ( - in a sea bass kind of way - ) if unable to swim at least 12.5km a week.