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Nick Smith


Nick joined Torchbox in summer 2013 in a career-changing move from the secondary-school classroom

Nick graduated from Oxford University with a degree in Mathematics and Philosophy, and since then has managed to move an exotic 11 miles down the road to Witney.

He has a pilot's license, but his commercial flying career was doomed from the start when his interview invitation for BA's pilot training programme arrived on 11 September 2001. Instead he trained as a maths teacher and spent ten years working in Oxfordshire's comprehensive schools. Eventually teaching himself to code in order to make a pupil-tracking web application, Nick suddenly realised that he was enjoying this more than the day job, and so packed up his bags to head over to Torchbox.

He has previous lives as a moderately quick track cyclist, a moderately competitive photographer and a moderately decent trombone player. Now he is a moderately competent husband and father of two.

Anagrams of his name include Nicholas Smith, NicholaS smith and tmcaNisl hohSi.