Meagen Voss Editor
Meagen Voss

I help people fall in love with Wagtail as much as I have.

Having a flexible content management system like Wagtail helps people tell stories the way they want to tell them without technology getting in the way.

As the Editor, I help welcome people to the Wagtail open source community, encourage their creativity, and celebrate their contributions. I'm a strong believer in the open source ethos. Great projects like Wagtail are the result of people getting together and pitching in to make something that lifts everyone up.

I've worked at organisations large and small, from tiny startups to massive global companies like IBM, and held technical and non-technical roles ranging from customer support to marketing copywriter.

I have experience using many content management systems both from the perspective of an editor who is using it for publishing and a developer trying to manage code on the backend. I can say without a doubt that Wagtail offers one of the best balances between these two groups that I have ever seen.

If you’d like to know more about Wagtail or have a demo, let me know!

When I'm not writing code, I write fiction for fun, go on long hikes in the woods, and soak the day away in hot springs with a good book.