Jacob Topp-Mugglestone

Senior Developer and Wagtail Consultant

As a developer I build features for Wagtail, its packages, and client websites to help them accomplish their goals. I also advise Wagtail support clients on the best ways to achieve their goals within the CMS.

Jacob joined Torchbox on a graduate training programme which covers all aspects of web development, database design I've built headline features for Wagtail such as customisable workflows and in-editor commenting. I’ve authored or coded packages for importing content from Google Docs, images from Google Drive, and transferring content between Wagtail sites, and many others. The majority of my work has been with the Motley Fool, who sponsored these features.

I'm a member of the Wagtail core team, and I'm experienced with Wagtail's internals and building extensions. Alongside my Back End experience, I also often work with React to build the Front End of new Wagtail features.

I'm enthusiastic about solving problems, whether that's finding the right technical approach for a new feature or just finding a solution to a mysterious bug.

Outside of work I love cooking. I even keep a recipe spreadsheet with notes from everything I cook!