Dan Trickey

Senior Developer
Dan Trickey

In my role at Torchbox, I collaborate with clients to clearly define and understand their technical needs. With a focus on backend development, I work with technologies like Django and Python to build robust solutions.

Since joining Torchbox, I've been working with our client Upshot, which has involved the entire development cycle, from planning to testing. I'm excited to see it go live soon!

In my previous role, I was a backend software engineer. I led the development of integrations with third-party platforms and actively participated in the product development lifecycle. I collaborated closely with designers, product managers, and customers, deepening my understanding of creating software that is not only accessible but also intuitive.

Outside of work, I'm a scout leader, helping young people learn life skills, gain confidence and develop the desire to make their world a better place.

Additionally, I volunteer with Student Robotics, a UK charity that organises robotics competitions for 16-19 year-olds. Until recently, I led the development of their open-source robotics kit, a role that combined my love for technology and education.