Kick start your product with a Design Sprint


Design Sprints are an exciting way to validate a new product idea and fast-track weeks (or months!) of work!

Will Heinemann

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  • Running the design sprint with Torchbox helped us focus in on our key goals, who we are trying to reach, and what the most impactful outcome will be for MQ. The facilitation of the week was spot on - Torchbox helped us navigate a lot of questions and complicated decision making, always bringing us back to our main goal and vision.

    Kathryn Excell Head of Digital, MQ: Transforming Mental Health
  • Doing a design sprint was completely new territory for us and felt a long way from the traditional ways we are used to kicking off development projects. But we were almost converted by day one, and fully-fledged converts by the end of the week. It was intensive but such a good use of time.

    Lizzie Wrobel Head of Digital, Sue Ryder