Search Engine Optimisation

Organic Search (traffic from search engines like Google) is the dominant source of traffic to many websites, and it usually drives some of the best quality traffic for charities and nonprofit organisations. Monitoring your site’s health through ongoing SEO is critical.

SEO for Charities & Nonprofits

At Torchbox we specialise in working for charities, nonprofits, NGOs and in the public sector.

We are used to working with these types of organisations and our approach to SEO is specifically geared towards them. The services that we are able to offer are:


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Our approach

Organic website health

We’ll paint a picture of how well organic traffic performs for you currently, and how your traffic has changed over time. We’ll benchmark your website against key competitors, and offer insight into what you can do to improve. We'll also assess how well your organisation demonstrates experience, expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness (E-E-A-T) on your website, which are critical factors for SEO success.

Keyword research

Understanding the keywords you rank for is fundamental for SEO. We’ve developed a multi-tool, unique approach to auditing and tracking rankings for the keywords that do and don’t drive traffic to your charity's site. This data can support your charity's content creation strategy, allow you to optimise existing pages, and help you identify other opportunities such as Google’s featured snippets and knowledge graph results.

Content analysis

We’ll identify content that matters to your organisation from an organic point-of-view and highlight any poor-performing content to improve. We’ll research areas for new content based on competitor activity and industry trends to allow you to grow both your content offering, and your authority in Google’s eyes as you grow your nonprofit's organic presence.

Technical SEO

We’ll review and manage your Google Search Console account and identify any issues with how Google is crawling and indexing the site. From duplicate content to problems with your sitemap, we’ll dig into your account to understand how search engines are determining the SEO of your charity's site.

Backlink analysis

Links make up a major part of Google’s algorithm: Google care about who’s talking about your organisation, and it rewards you in the rankings if well-respected websites link back to you. We’ll analyse your backlink profile to identify SEO opportunities such as who links to you, how important those links are, and where you might be missing out on easy-to-obtain links.

Content SEO support

Where there is an opportunity to improve your existing content or create new pages, we'll provide content briefs to give your internal teams everything they need. Our team can provide a range of content consultancy; from simple on-page optimisations to the design of large content hubs. We also provide training and guides to help you embed SEO best practices into your content production.


  • "It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Torchbox... I have learnt so much about SEO and how to optimise digital products to stay up-to-date and relevant in the fast moving digital world. They are hard-working, enthusiastic, responsive and always go above and beyond to help find the best solution to any problem. Thanks to their work, NHS.UK have been able to implement some valuable changes to its website design and the team now recognise the value of SEO and have established new models of working to make sure it is at the centre of all product and website design."

    Lucy Shiel Product Manager, NHS.UK