Iona Twiston Davies

Senior Digital Account Manager

Webinar: How to turn your Google Ad Grants account around

1 min read

In our upcoming webinar, exclusively for nonprofit organisations, we'll tackle the recent shifts in Google Ad Grants performance and share effective strategies for your campaigns in 2024.

Drawing upon an in-depth analysis of our client accounts, like Freedom from Torture, we’ll provide insights into the significant changes observed from Q3 to Q4 2023, highlighting key trends affecting cost-per-click and conversions.

Why this matters:

Google Ad Grants have historically been a cornerstone for nonprofits, offering a cost-effective platform for keyword bidding and content experimentation. However, since the transition to GA4 in July 2023, we've witnessed a fundamental shift in Google's focus towards conversion-driven campaigns.

This change has notably impacted visibility and click-through rates, especially for campaigns aimed primarily at driving traffic or raising awareness. Many charities have experienced a significant drop in performance in the latter half of the year, reflecting new challenges within this evolving landscape.

We'll share:

  1. Firsthand knowledge from our performance review of 46 Google Ad Grants accounts and our understanding of the current market dynamics.
  2. Actionable strategies that have successfully turned around the performance of our clients' campaigns.
  3. How to maintain Google Ad Grants as a sustainable and effective platform for your organisation, with advice on long-term strategies to ensure success despite the changing environment.

We'll arm you with the knowledge and tools to turn these challenges into opportunities!

21st February, 10am, Zoom.

Click here to register.

This webinar is an exclusive event for nonprofit organisations.