Lisa Ballam

Head of Marketing

Welcome to the Torchbox Grove

1 min read

As part of our commitment to reducing our contribution to climate change, we are planting a tree for everyone at Torchbox, every year, in a new Torchbox grove with Trees for Life

Our employee-led Climate Action Voice Group, which leads on initiatives to help us reduce our impact on the environment and to live and operate more sustainably, has been investigating ways that we can reduce our carbon footprint and contribution to climate change. As part of this project, we are measuring our emissions so that we can establish a benchmark and focus on the areas that will have the biggest impact.

This initiative to plant trees will help to remove some CO₂ from the atmosphere, as well as providing space for wildlife to flourish. We are excited to be partnering with Trees for Life and support their ambitions to rewild the Scottish Highlands.

Every year we will plant one tree for every person at Torchbox. We will also be planting trees to help mitigate the carbon impact of our clients’ websites. We hope to build our grove into a woodland or even a forest, and hopefully, at some point we’ll find a low-carbon way to go and visit it in person!