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Caltech goes multisite with Wagtail

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How one of the world’s most prestigious universities addressed the gnarly challenge of site proliferation.

Universities are complex beasts. Academic divisions, faculties, colleges and student bodies all want their own web presence (uniquely branded, with maximum control of content and structure). Universities end up creating hundreds of satellite sites. This results in a sprawling digital estate, lots of different technologies in the mix, no central support or hosting agreements, security issues and so on.

The California Institute of Technology (better know as Caltech), faced this challenge on a big scale. Despite the best efforts of Caltech's web team to centralise their digital estate, over the course of ten years the team were faced with 120 effectively disconnected sites, built on a range of technologies, including Drupal and Rails.

Wagtail powers 200 sites

Fast forward a year and the Caltech team have already built 200 sites, all powered by a single Wagtail instance. Read the full story on

Caltech recently took part in our webinar on the Challenge of Site Proliferation in Higher Education, where they share their experience and knowledge on how they're tackling this problem.

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