Paul Vetch


As Director of Strategy, I draw on my knowledge and consulting experience to help clients gain perspective on how to use technology, leaving them empowered to make sensible, impactful digital investments that help them realise their ambitions. I also lead on our work in the Public Sector; and I’m responsible for ensuring our client partnerships are effective and that we’re consistently delivering great value.

I’ve worked extensively across the not-for-profit, higher education and public sectors for over 20 years advising and collaborating on digital infrastructure and strategy. I’ve done this for a diverse range of globally renowned organisations including the University of Pennsylvania, the Samaritans, Tate Galleries, and the FA - as well as local and national Government.

I often speak publicly about my work - presenting a digital project to an audience of 3,500 in an auditorium in Mumbai was probably the most memorable occasion!

Outside work, I'm a long term swimming fan and I'm quickly running out of reasons not to try and plan a channel swim at some point in the future, which is a slightly terrifying prospect. I'm also a reformed harpist and in the funny way that dads have a habit of buying presents for their children that are blatantly for themselves (Scalextric anyone?!) I'm trying to persuade my son that he wants a harp... so far without success.