Ellie Ashman

Director of Product & Services

I help clients think about their long term goals and what success looks like. I bring that together with insights from users to shape a roadmap that we can organise the project around.

I am experienced working across the public sector including the Government Digital Service, Department for Education, Crown Commercial Service, and the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, as well as arms length bodies like the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

I've built up a repertoire of tools and approaches for seeing problems in context and drawing out connections and opportunities. This can really help teams and stakeholders get on the same page and solve the most difficult problems or take advantage of the most exciting opportunities for their product or service.

When I can, I love trying my hand at ceramics. I've taken a couple of courses and thrown and glazed some of my own pots. For me, there's something really liberating in doing something where you can't really plan ahead - a perfect pot can collapse at the last minute, or crack in the kiln, and I like making peace with that before I start. I find it really mindful and calming, and there's an extra bonus when the pots work out and you have something beautiful with your name stamped on the bottom!