Integrated marketing campaign generates £100K of revenue for Girlguiding’s online shop

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Following a challenging year, with Covid-19 restrictions putting a pause on in person meetings, Girlguiding came to us to run an integrated campaign, promoting the first ever site-wide discount on their online shop.

Young Girlguiding members

Girlguiding is the leading charity for girls and young women in the UK, offering them a space to have fun, build their confidence and make a difference. With 100% of profits going back into the organisation, Girlguiding’s online shop provides an important revenue stream for the organisation, whilst enabling members to purchase all their guiding essentials in one place. The central goal of this activity was to raise awareness of the site-wide 10% discount, and in doing so drive website traffic and generate revenue.

Our approach

Having run a similar campaign for Girlguiding in September 2020, we were well prepared with learnings to help us maximise performance. We took an integrated approach, running activity on both PPC and paid social. This enabled us to reach both the very warm audiences on Google Search and Shopping, and the colder audiences on Facebook and Instagram.

On Facebook and Instagram, our activity involved retargeting to the following audiences:

  • Girlguiding Facebook post engagers
  • Girlguiding website visitors
  • Girlguiding’s customer match lists

We chose to include these audiences as each had demonstrated a good level of engagement and a positive ROI during the September 2020 campaign.

On Google Search, we targeted branded shop terms. By doing so we were able to intercept users who were already demonstrating intent through their search, grabbing their attention with promotional messaging. We ran a combination of expanded text, and responsive search ads, written to highlight both the discount and ‘all profits go to Girlguiding’ USP. We also took advantage of Google’s promotion, site link, and callout extensions to ensure that the ads stood out on the busy search results page.


For paid social, we chose to include dynamic creative as this allowed us to test multiple ad components. We ran a selection of different GIF and still images, alongside a variety of ad text options. For the ad text, we were once again able to apply learnings from the September 2020 campaign, basing several of the options on those that had performed best during this campaign.


We initially split the budget 50/50 between PPC and paid social, with individual channel budgets set based on the final spend from the September 2020 campaign. However, we maintained a fluid approach throughout the campaign, pausing the Instagram activity when we began to see a negative ROI, and reallocating the remaining budget to the better performing PPC channels.


Overall, the campaign was a great success achieving the following results within a 15 day period:

  • Across all channels there were 2,185 transactions, generating £100K in revenue at an ROI of £28.49 of profit for every £1 spent on advertising.
  • Our ads reached over 500K people, with Facebook driving the highest volume of impressions overall.
  • Google Search was the most cost-effective channel, generating £56.77 of profit for every £1 spent on advertising, and a total revenue of just under £91K.
  • PPC and paid social drove a combined total of 13,817 clicks, higher than the September 2020 campaign despite a lower allocated media spend.
  • Refined keyword targeting on Google Search led to a particularly high click-through rate of 47%.

Looking ahead

With so many marketing channels now available, integrated campaigns allow us to harness the benefits of each platform and reach a wider audience. In this case, paid social enabled our ads to be seen by a huge number of potential customers, whilst PPC provided an opportunity to grab people who were on the verge of converting. Ongoing, we’re looking forward to continuing our work with Girlguiding, taking advantage of the learnings we’ve gained during this, and other integrated campaigns. We’re proud to support them with their mission to help girls and young women do amazing things.

If you would like to chat with us about how an integrated marketing campaign could work for you, please get in touch.

Author information: Rosie Hayward , Senior Digital Marketing Executive , Post information: , 3 min read ,
Related post categories: Digital Marketing ,