Wagtail developer support: how it works

What is it?

Wagtail support gives you direct access to the developers who created Wagtail. We help with things like:

  • Wagtail setup (including headless)
  • Code reviews
  • Clinics via video calls or pair programming
  • Planning complex features
  • Architectural approaches
  • Hosting and tooling best practice

Wagtail support is trusted by some of the biggest organisations around the world to help make sure their Wagtail sites are as good as they can be.

Who is it right for?

Wagtail support is designed to supplement organisations that have their own build teams. These teams might be new to Wagtail or be building something particularly complex.

To be clear, we won't:

  • Need access to your environment. We don't deploy code for you, even to test environments.
  • Make changes to your site for you. We want your developers to learn how Wagtail works, so we'll help them (e.g. pair programming) but we won't make changes for you.
  • Upgrade your Wagtail site for you. Upgrading Wagtail should be straightforward for your developers. If they face any issues, we're here to support them.

If you'd like Torchbox to make changes to, or build you a new site then check out our Product Design and Build service.

How much is it?

We offer the following packages:

  • Basic (4 hours per month)
  • Business (10 hours per month)
  • Enterprise levels (20 hours per month)

We also have a pay-as-you go monthly model with an hourly rate and retainer. Our packages start from $1,150 per month.

How does it work?

  • We will run a 30 minute initial kick-off and review of your Wagtail plans at the start of the project
  • You'll be able to raise tickets through the month and receive our expert support and advice
  • We can arrange regular sessions, plan one-off meetings or treat each request more ad hoc
  • We'll start a shared Slack channel with you, so you can get quick answers without the need for a formal ticket
  • We'll track all time spent and ensure there are no unexpected costs

Does this help Wagtail, the open source project?

Yes! All profits are reinvested directly into Wagtail through maintenance, minor enhancements and support to the community.

If you've ever had a question answered on the Wagtail Slack or Stack Overflow, thank our Wagtail support clients!

How can I sign up?