Kick-start your project with the Wagtail accelerator kit


A solid, tested starter kit to onboard you to Wagtail and ensure the best approach for your project.

Will Heinemann

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What's included?

Key page types

Including homepage, index (or listing) pages, news, events, person/people pages, forms and 404/401 pages.

Fast, predictive search

Supporting full-text search behaviour including stemming, ranking, fuzzy search for misspelling, and promoted search results.

Flexible Streamfields templates

A flexible content editing model where the text can be interspersed with subheadings, images, pull quotes and video.

Common page fields

Including slug, SEO title, social image, social text, listing title and listing summary.

A simple, effective taxonomy

Including news, events, and people types.


Including primary, secondary, footer and in-page navigation, footer links, and breadcrumbs.


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  • Torchbox consultancy and the Wagtail accelerator kit rocketed our project forward. We're now building out the rest of the site confident we've got a foundation of best practice to work from.

    Robert Strouse, MFA Director of Digital User Experience, Research Information Technology, The Ohio State University, College of Medicine