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  • As we progress the transformation of NHS.UK, the content management system we use is a really important factor for our success. We looked at a number of CMS options over an extended period, and Wagtail was a good fit for our needs.

    ANDY CALLOW Head of technology delivery, NHS.UK Wagtail powers, a site that got 1bn views during Covid19
  • Google is a firm believer in open source software and over the years has benefited greatly from Wagtail. We look forward to see how our contribution is going to accelerate the next generation of Wagtail.

    Paul Bakaus Google's Senior Staff Creator Advocate Google sponsors Wagtail CMS's next-generation web content management experience
  • Thank you for your amazing and continued partnership Torchbox - our new Wagtail website exceeds expectations!

    SARAH TOMS Executive Director, Wharton Interactive at The Wharton School Wharton Interactive's Wagtail-powered online learning platform
  • The ultimate selling point for Wagtail is the strength and creativity of the team at Torchbox. While we have been able to see many cost savings in using open source software, leveraging the teams and knowledge at Torchbox has enabled the team to work at a much quicker pace and has built confidence within the group that we have support when and if we need it.

    Kate Statton Harman New York Public Radio, Senior Product Manager, Core Platforms & Experiences New York Public Radio’s Wagtail-powered media publishing platform

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