Olly Willans

Chief People and Planet Officer

We're supporting Google, NASA, Oxfam & the NHS on Wagtail, now we can support you too

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The roll call of stellar companies using Wagtail is growing all the time - eBay last week! It's a thrill. We support some of them directly, and today we're launching a program to allow you to access the same support, from the team that actually built the Wagtail CMS.

Companies, particularly tech companies, NGOs and governments want modern, high quality, open source software. Open source is cost effective, the best developers want to use it, and it's good for society.

What holds companies back (generally senior management rather than developers) is support. 'Who do we call if we need help?'. Today we're launching a support service to answer that call.

Wagtail NHS sprint - meeting room

We've created a tiered service - you can select the level of support that you think you'll need each month - that'll give you access to the core team and other experienced Wagtail developers, for anything from reviewing your Wagtail setup, code review, pair programming, hosting setup and more.

Check out all the details of the service and how to sign up.