Victor Miti

Junior Developer
victor miti

I build web applications that make it easy for our clients to strengthen their online presence and increase their impact.

I work with clients such as Action for Children, Nesta and Blood Cancer UK, providing enhancements to their websites and Content Management Systems. Before Torchbox, I spent 11 years in civil engineering design and construction, having worked in multi-disciplinary environments in the private, public and international development sectors to deliver large infrastructure projects. My experience wearing different hats across the project life cycle helps me not only clearly understand our clients' needs, but also to apply sound engineering judgement and to build the product right.

I love dogs, particularly the German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois breeds. I am an audiophile, and my movie choices are often influenced by the score composer. I am currently learning music theory and production, and I look forward to composing and producing some music one day! I enjoy running – the cool breeze, breath of fresh air and sounds of birds singing are therapeutic.