Neal Todd

Head of Systems
Neal - headshot

I help our clients realise their vision for new web applications, working with them to understand their needs and the needs of their users, and then delivering the right solution to achieve their objectives. Behind the scenes I help our amazing team to operate efficiently and robustly, from strategy to training in the areas of systems engineering, security and data protection.

In the past year I've worked with clients in the educational and public sectors, including Wharton business school on a fantastic online learning service, just when such services are needed more than ever, and a number of UK Government departments for digital services to support domestic and international audiences.

My previous career as an astrophysicist hints at an analytical temperament and that's also why I got into web application development. I'm passionate about seeing a problem - no, let’s call it an opportunity - and finding that satisfying solution that cracks it.

Away from the realm of the keyboard and screen I enjoy all sports but at the moment I’m fixated on badminton and run two clubs. I love cooking of the one-off-invention variety, fortunately I have a family of willing guinea pigs to experiment on. All things astronomy, space and science in general continue to fascinate and films of the 1930s and 40s are my comfort blanket.