Mitchel Cabuloy

Principal Engineer
Mitch Cabuloy

I’m a Senior Developer at Torchbox’s Asia Pacific team. Among my responsibilities is designing the software architecture for the digital products we produce for our clients. My job is to make sure the code we write works flawlessly and achieves its intended purpose.

At Torchbox I have worked with the Marine Conservation Society to build an app for their volunteers. Through it, I have refined the way I approach software design and improved my strategies for leading a team of engineers.

I have strong experience in front-end development, back-end development, and DevOps. Having this breadth of knowledge allows me to design solutions that work seamlessly across all parts of the technology stack.

Developer experience (DX) is my passion. As much as possible, I strive to make building software a fun and productive experience. I work on developing tools and techniques in my free time to improve our workflows and make developers’ jobs easier.

Coding is a big part of my life. I spend a lot of my time tinkering around with code, exploring new software libraries, reading articles, and tweaking my Vim config. I also enjoy reading fiction, listening to comedy podcasts, playing video games, and noodling around on my guitar.