Miles Taylor

UX Consultant
Miles Taylor

I help clients build better digital products by translating user needs into the structures that support great experiences.

At Torchbox I've worked with clients including Oxfam GB, Samaritans, RNIB, Wharton Interactive and the Royal College of Art. Prior to that, I spent almost a decade working in higher education at the universities of Bristol and Bath.

I believe in making content as accessible as possible (not just from a technical perspective, although that's clearly important!) but by making content smarter: through metadata, content types and modelling, and more inclusive: through microcopy and schemes for labelling and organising - so users see the right words in the right place, at the right time to help them complete their goals.

Outside of work, I enjoy football, both playing and watching, and butchering funk, soul, disco and breakbeat classics as a bedroom DJ.