Kyle Bayliss

Principal Engineer
Kyle Bayliss

As a full-stack developer and technical lead, I get involved in all stages of development - from theorisation to monitoring - to ensure the focus remains on the most crucial audience, the user.

I'm responsible for the technical success of a project, which involves cooperating with various project members to ensure the best expertise is available to inform the right decisions and help to exceed the project's goals.

I have extensive experience with public and private sector organisations worldwide, including the Home Office, NHS, GOV.UK, NCBI, Oxfam, Samaritans, and numerous others.

I'm also a member of the Wagtail accessibility team, allowing me to stay up-to-date with the CMS and regularly inform decisions about best practices. I believe all humans have an equal right to information and services, so I have a zealous focus on accessibility, usability, and inclusivity. I also advocate for efficiency and consistency, ensuring projects remain viable with minimal technical debt.

At the weekend you'll find me encouraging misadventures in the pub, sweating it out in the sauna, or climbing and camping somewhere remote. I also enjoy exploring remote regions of the world and am keen to experience most things in life once.